Ways into Art responds to issues of funding and skills sharing within the arts outreach sector. Currently, funding enables organisations such as galleries and museums to deliver short series interventions of an average 6-10 weeks. On conclusion of this intervention, the project is over with no legacy or support in lieu of this positive and important creative input.


Ben Uri Arts and Dementia Institute seeks to change this way of working, by offering a way to upskill those vital staff and volunteers who support such projects. By creating a set of tutorials with accompanying online resources, as well as practical advice on how to set up, maintain and prepare for creative arts interventions, Ben Uri's facilitators are able to train on the job and leave staff with enough support and confidence to feel they can continue running creative sessions.


The resources are based on a series of film tutorials and supporting online resources. The five films can be watched all together as an hour of training (or CPD) or they can be broken down into; a short overview (watch above), an introduction giving advice on how to establish the group, and three example sessions. Alongside these are online printable resources including an image of a gallery artwork, notes to support a discussion around this artwork and a guide to running a related practical activity. 


Ways into Art is a user oriented resource, meaning it must have input from those care staff and activity staff who will use it. Currently, we are reviewing the first round of tutorials produced, asking care staff how effective they have found the format and content. This feed back will then guide the next series of improved tutorials.


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